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Naming Process

A naming process is the systematic development of a name for a brand, product or company. Good name developments are always a successful mixture of creation, strategy, research and naming law and require a clear, structured and, above all, moderated process. Typically, a naming process - from the initial idea to the confirmed application in national and possibly international patent and trademark offices - takes several months. As a rule, a professional naming process includes the following phases:

Goal definition: defining the goals that the name should support within a brand strategy.

Creation of criteria: Criteria must be in place to evaluate developed brand name proposals, which are developed at the beginning of the process. These include, for example: Originality, fit with the brand, sound, associations, length, internationality. These criteria, developed by several participants, prevent subjective evaluations of suggestions, which can lead to delays and irritation during the process.

Generation of ideas: Collection of as many suggestions as possible for possible names using creative techniques.

Initial evaluation: Filtering the names based on their relevance and memorability and creating a shortlist.

Availability check: Checking the legal availability of the proposed names to ensure their protectability and to clarify whether the rights of third parties may be infringed.

Language and cultural analysis: Evaluation of the names in terms of their meaning, pronunciation and acceptance in different languages and cultures.

Market research: Testing the final name suggestions with target groups to evaluate the impact and potential of the names.

Fine-tuning: Adjustments based on feedback and findings from market research.

Final selection: Decision on the final name after comprehensive evaluation of all factors.

Registration and rollout: Official registration of the name and initiation of the market launch.


Frank Wache
Partner, Brand Strategist

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