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Brand positioning

Brand positioning is a strategic process that determines how a brand should be perceived in the minds of the target group in a specific market segment. The aim is to give the brand a unique position compared to competitors in this segment and to anchor it in the minds of consumers. The positioning of a brand refers to the differentiation from competing products through specific characteristics, values, messages or emotions that it represents. It should make it clear what unique value or benefit or characteristics the brand offers customers and why they should choose precisely this brand.

The following steps are necessary to achieve positioning:

Target group analysis: understanding who the target customers are, what they need and how they make decisions.

Competitor analysis: Examine how competitors are positioned to identify opportunities for clear positioning.

Defining the brand promise: Defining what unique benefit or value the brand offers its customers.

Working out the uniqueness: Determine what features make the brand special and lead to strong recall images.

Communicating the positioning: Consistently conveying the selected messages across all marketing and communication channels.


Frank Wache
Partner, Brand Strategist

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