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Brand Building

Brand building is the strategic process by which a brand is developed, strengthened and anchored in the consciousness of the target group. It comprises a series of targeted measures and techniques aimed at creating and maintaining a positive image of a brand, communicating its values and building an emotional connection between the brand and its customers.

The process of brand building:

  1. Define brand strategy: Determining the goals to be achieved with the brand. Defining the brand identity and brand positioning: This involves determining the central statements of the brand. These include: Value proposition, purpose, brand vision, brand personality, target groups and insights.
  2. Develop brand design: Creating a unique brand name, logos, slogans and a consistent visual identity that reflects the brand's personality and values.
  3. Design Brand Experience: This phase deals with the planning and implementation of marketing and communication activities to effectively convey the brand message in order to create a consistent brand experience along the customer journey.
  4. Interaction with the target group: Building a strong brand requires dialog and interaction with the target group. Through customer feedback, social media engagement and customer service, the brand can strengthen its relationship with customers and foster their loyalty.
  5. Continuous evaluation and adaptation: Brand building is an ongoing process. It is important to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the brand strategy and adjust it if necessary to respond to changes in the market or in the behavior of the target group.


Frank Wache
Partner, Brand Strategist

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