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Kirby CMS

Kirby positions itself as a CMS that is suitable for both developers and non-technical users by offering a balance between simplicity, flexibility, security and performance. It is particularly attractive for projects where customized solutions and fast loading times are important. The Kirby content management system (CMS) defines its performance through several key aspects that set it apart from other CMSs:

  • File-based system: Kirby stores content in files and folders instead of in a database. This simplifies the structure and makes the website faster and easier to manage. For users, this also means easier migration and versioning of content, as everything is stored in simple text files.
  • Flexibility and simplicity: Kirby places great emphasis on ease of development and customization. It allows developers to quickly create customized solutions without having to learn complex programming logic or bloated plugin systems. The flexibility is also reflected in the ability to implement almost any design without being restricted by the CMS.
  • Security: The lack of a database makes Kirby less susceptible to common security threats such as SQL injection. In addition, the system places a high value on security and offers regular updates to close possible security gaps.
  • Developer and user friendliness: Kirby offers a clear and well-documented API and an intuitive user interface that allows developers and content creators to work efficiently. The panel interface (Kirby's administration area) is easy to understand and allows users without technical knowledge to easily manage content.
  • Performance and speed: Kirby is known for its high performance and fast loading times. The file-based system means that there is less overhead, resulting in a faster website response time. Optimizations can easily be made as developers have direct access to the file structure and content.
  • Extensibility: Although Kirby is deliberately kept simple, it can be extended through plugins, hooks and custom fields. This gives developers the flexibility to add additional functionality without overloading the base system.


Frank Wache
Partner, Brand Strategist

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