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JUNO is a branding agency for design-oriented brands. Together with our clients, we create brands that move people and empower businesses. Independent and quality-hungry for over 20 years, we orchestrate strategy, creativity and technology into high-quality customer journeys with measurable brand success.

  • We have been in the industry for more than two decades and have advised brands from all sectors. As a boutique style agency, we have always been free to work for brands that are as aspirational as we are. In general, our clients are premium brands that differentiate themselves through quality, design, higher price points and their culture. Once we have found common ground on the same idea of quality, it is not uncommon for a connection between JUNO and its clients to last for many years.

  • Whoever joins us as a client is looking to transform themselves. Starts a business. Expands. Wants to help shape the future in a positive way. The best part of our work is moving brands and the people in and around them into a new tomorrow. Understanding exactly where a brand comes from, what makes it tick, who its customers are. And then defining the logical next chapter of the brand with a razor-sharp strategy and bringing it to life with all our clients’ employees. That's what we mean by branding.

  • Trendsetting brands need creativity. It pushes boundaries. Gives us new ideas. Makes more attractive. Creative campaigns and special collaborations for international design brands like Kvadrat and Munken have always been a JUNO strength and have earned us many design awards in the past, when awards were more important to us.

  • JUNOs can design their own JUNO. In internal initiatives, they design new solutions for a work-friendly office, for tomorrow’s JUNO products, team events on the Baltic Sea and more. Through new constellations and non-ordinary tasks, everyone stays fresh, acts like an entrepreneur and is happy about self-made successes.

  • Even without a major sustainability strategy, we at JUNO have always tried to do business in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In the future, we want to take an even more targeted approach and inspire our customers to do the same. In the course of the relaunch of our website, we compared our current activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Goal 4: Quality education
    All JUNOS can further their education through participation in initiatives such as AI, Innovative Design, Brand Platforms, Sustainability Communication and others. We also promote on-the-job training. All colleagues have the opportunity to attend further training events or trade fairs by arrangement.

    Goal 5: Gender equality
    Currently, 70 percent of JUNOs are women. We do not disadvantage mothers, and the team is flexible when it comes to dealing with spontaneous absences such as childcare.

    Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy
    We currently obtain 100 percent of our energy from renewable sources.

    Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities
    JUNO does not own a company car, all employees commute by public transportation or bicycle.

    Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
    In 2004, JUNO was certified by “Ökoprofit Hamburg” for sustainable management. We drink water from the tap. Our fruit is organic and fair trade. Just like our coffee and tea. We avoid and separate waste.

    Goal 13: Climate action
    We use intelligent heating techniques to reduce heating energy. All business trips up to 600 km are made by train.

    Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
    JUNO is co-founder and operator of the non-profit association “M.Bassy e.V.”, a public salon for encounters and creativity from the Global South. (


Footbridge with a ladder into the water and a jump ramp, where a man stands and looks into the water. In the background rocks raken into the picture.
Annika and Jette laughing on a sailboat during a sailing trip.
In the middle of the JUNO office, a giant pink ball is balanced on a rolling board, a blue chair and a shelf.
Blue curtain with a cut bike. You can see the seat and parts of the frame and rear wheel.


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  • ADC Award
  • German Design Award
  • IF Award
  • 2024 European Design Awards Silber
  • Deutscher Designer Club Award
  • reddot Award
  • tdc. – Type Directors Club Award


  • Hellen Gramkow
    Hellen Gramkow
  • Lilli Scheuerlein
    Lilli Scheuerlein
  • Frank Wache
    Frank WachePartner, Brand Strategist
  • Annika Gruca
    Annika Gruca
  • Björn Lux
    Björn LuxPartner, Creative Director
  • Jana Neff
    Jana Neff
  • Fynn Scheewe
    Fynn Scheewe
  • Jette Just
    Jette Just
  • Alica Pfister
    Alica Pfister
  • Deborah Flierl
    Deborah Flierl
  • Raphael Gerland
    Raphael Gerland
  • Wolfgang Greter
    Wolfgang GreterPartner, Creative Director
  • Jenna Janke
    Jenna Janke
  • Katharina Braun
    Katharina Braun
  • Lara Schuh
    Lara Schuh
  • Sebastian Eberlein


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Katharina Braun

Katharina Braun

Office Management

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