Branding agency for the digital age

JUNO is a design-driven branding agency. We shape and transform brands for the digital age, that inspire people and businesses. As an independent and owner-managed branding agency, we translate strategies into brands with a strong message and presence. Our work has been awarded with over 40 national and international prizes, including gold at IF Design and ADC.



  • Brand audit

    With our quick audit our clients get a clearer status of their brand, which create the foundation for far reaching decisions. Therefore, we often interview employees and clients, check the brand strength on selected touchpoints and provide first directions.

  • Brand and business scenarios

    Which brand strategy suits my business plans? We do workshops with our clients to define strategic possibilities, evaluate compiled scenarios and therefore obtain a clear focus for today.

  • Business model innovation

    The digital transformation enables new business models and challenges many old ones. Together with our clients, we are specifically looking for new business and product ideas. We prototype them and test them for suitability.

  • Brand strategy

    With the knowledge of numerous cases in different industries, we translate our clients’ business models into strong brand strategies for the digital transformation. To the point, technically advanced and with a clear vision and focus on the needs of our clients’ customers.

  • Positioning

    Which future position is the most strategic for my corporate brand? By deriving logical positioning possibilities in alignment with strategy, competition and future trends, we find the right answers.

  • Customer journey and insights

    We help companies to recognise their customers’ needs and to understand their “journey” across all company or product brand touchpoints in depth.

  • Persona development

    With the help of individually developed client personas, we define needs, challenges and actions for clients and create a strong foundation to make the right design, strategy and product development decisions.

  • Brand storytelling

    Brands are stories. The greater a brand story is told; the more people share it. We help brands to discover and share their own unique story.

  • Naming

    Together with our clients, we develop the name that fits perfectly to their brand strategy. We ensure protectability and global usability of brand names by working together with native speakers and partners in trademark law.


  • UI/UX

    More and more often, we encounter brands as digital counterparts, in apps, augmented reality applications and elsewhere. We design user-friendly experiences and interactions for humans in the digital world. Optimised for the latest technology. Designed aesthetically outstanding – the perfect translation of a brand within the digital realm.

  • Websites

    High-performance, responsive, accessible, Google and user-friendly – Websites are reflections of companies and are often the core of their digital strategy. We design and programme websites and intertwine functionality and aesthetics perfectly.


  • Corporate branding

    The exterior reflects the interior – companies need a corporate identity that expresses goals and derives a clear strategy. Visually unique, meeting the demands of our digital world.

  • Product branding

    Digital or analogue – we help to transform products into strong brands with a unique look and feel. Customised to the needs of clients in various industries, including B2C, B2B and branding of consulting services.

  • Packaging design

    Materials, design, processing possibilities, environmental requirements – Packaging design is a highly complex and error-prone task. Therefore, it is vital to have a design partner with plenty of production and paper knowledge and experience.

  • Print and editorial design

    We design business reports, corporate brochures, activity and annual reports, as well as magazines and product brochures, books and billboards. Our love for print, a large network of copywriters, photographers, editors, producers, printers, dummy manufacturers and years of paper expertise benefit our clients.

  • Motion design

    For our clients, we regularly work with internationally known motion designers and visual artists. Examples are the Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper, the Nordic textile brand Kinnasand, as well as Hamburg based consultancy agency enomyc.

  • Product development

    Together with our clients we develop not only digital, but also analogue products. Examples are a design collection of paper objects for the B2C market on behalf of Arctic Paper and co-development of an app for luggage digitisation in cooperation with RIMOWA, T-Systems and Lufthansa.


  • Brand spaces

    We stage trade show appearances, showrooms, POS-units or temporary spaces such as pop-up stores for design driven brands. For our latest projects we worked with internationally renowned architects, such as Toyo Ito, for textile brand Kinnasand at Salone de Mobile. We also curated a pop-up store for paper brand Arctic Volume in Berlin.

  • Social media

    We create high-quality content and circulate it effectively on all our clients’ social media channels, such as integrated campaigns on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter – often linked with print media circulations, selected blogs and influencers.

  • Internal branding

    Employees are the key customers after a reorientation or launch of a brand. It is vital to involve all employees with internal campaigns and brand events to connect them with the brand and create a strong bond.

Developing strategies

The digitisation changes the business model for numerous clients of ours. We strongly support them with customised brand strategies based precisely on the goals and business models of their customers. Over 100 successful brand processes, for clients of different sizes and industries, allowed us to gain the necessary experience and knowledge.

Strategy workshop discussion
Skylight reflection
Person pointing at post it in strategy workshop

Shaping design

Our clients enjoy working with us, as we dig deep into their story and services and with the support of extraordinary designers, we translate their products and services into independent brand experiences. This way we not only reach out to people, we also connect with them and excite them. Furthermore, design allows us to approach questions from a different angle and create surprising business and product ideas.

Munken works paper cube

Embracing technology

We love to experiment with new technologies, as it sparks fresh ideas, creates a new playground and opens the door to a new dimension of even more exciting, livelier and intelligent interactions between people and brands. However, we always focus on people first and then think how technology can help.

Celebrating cultures

An open-minded, culturally diverse society full of ideas is the perfect environment for us as people and as a branding agency. Through the cultural initiative M.Bassy, that we founded, we bring African and African-influenced artists and creative individuals to Hamburg. Since 2016, we have celebrated over 60 artists from countries such as Kenia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal at M.Bassy and welcomed over 3000 viewers.


  • Frank Wache

    Frank Wache

    Partner, Brand Strategist

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    Jenna Janke

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    Hellen Gramkow

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    Jette Just

  • Björn Lux

    Björn Lux

    Partner, Creative Director

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    Lilli Scheuerlein

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    Deborah Flierl

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    Raphael Gerland

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    Katharina Braun

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    Wolfgang Greter

    Partner, Creative Director

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  • Annika Vennemann

    Annika Vennemann

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    Fynn Scheewe

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    Lara Schuh