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Brand Communication

Brand communication is the strategic process by which product brands, corporate brands and cultural brands communicate who they are, what they stand for and what makes them unique. This includes all activities and channels used to communicate brand values, identity and messages and to build a positive relationship with target groups. The following are essential for the success of brand communication:

  • A clear brand identity that describes the values, personality and purpose of the brand.
  • Brand positioning: A clear and differentiating location in the market in the mind of the buyer.
  • Target group understanding: Understanding the needs, attitudes and behaviors in order to create tailored messages.
  • Brand messages: Clarity and consistency in messages across all channels strengthen the brand image.
  • Communication channels: Choosing the right channels - be it advertising, PR, social media or direct customer contact - is essential to reach target groups effectively.


Frank Wache
Partner, Brand Strategist

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