Through love for an open-minded Hamburg and with lots of curiosity to engage with African contemporary creatives, we founded our non-profit association M.Bassy in 2016. M.Bassy enables us to create a new platform for contemporary creatives, from African countries and international diaspora – specifically focusing on industries such as fashion, art, music and creation.

Social Design
Brand Design, Brand Experience (curation, events, digital media, brand space, branded content, exhibition, screenings, lectures, concerts)


Munken Works Collection
»Passage«, video installation by Mohau Modasikeng (exhibition »Afrofuturism is now«
»This one went to market«, Video by The Nest Collective (Ausstellung »Afrofuturism is now«
Table without borders – Dinner after the events

Salon, Stage, Gallery

Since 2016, we celebrated over 50 artists at M.Bassy, coming from many different countries such as Ghana, Kenia, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Sierra Leone. Our events include concerts, film screenings, installations, talks, readings, fashion shows, exhibitions and lectures.

Munken Works Collection
The M.Bassy logo - created by the handwriting of our guests
Post Office
Product designer Stephen Burks from New York on »Responsible Design«

Elbe and Earth connected

The M.Bassy community is not only growing in Hamburg, but through our M.Bassy-Portal online we are reaching people in all parts of the world. Keeping in touch and creating new projects together. m-bassy.org

Munken Works Space
Product designer Stephen Burks and social designer Corinna Sy on global design and brand worlds
M-Bassy Webportal: crossing borders and place of culture
Urbanologist Vistoria Okoye on the future of cities like Lagos and Accra
Magazine publisher and filmmaker Andy Okoroafor on Clam
Singer-Songwriter Emily-Mae Lewis. Film by Delmar Mavignier