Like any growing IT company, SCHIFFL is constantly looking for new talent. With services around managed multi-service platforms and end user productivity, SCHIFFL gives European SMEs more scope for their core business. How can the Hamburg-based company inspire urgently needed fresh techies?

As a first step towards a completely new online presence, we redesigned the SCHIFFL brand and set up a truly digital-feeling career journey for new applicants. Through continuously optimized performance HR campaigns on social media, we ensure brand visibility and traffic on the new career page.

This works well: measurably more applicants for the open positions and more interviews.

Rebranding, Employer Branding
Consulting, brand strategy, brand design, conception, HR performance campaigns, relaunch of career website, coding, artwork.

Captivating Career-Page

The career page of a company is often the first and most important stop for applicants in their candidate journey. Does it make me want the job? Does it feel fresh and right for me?

With interactive modules such as moving image sliders, employee stories and clickable value maps, we make the SCHIFFL Career Page an inviting journey for anyone looking for a new job in IT.

Become what you are made of

Launching the Candidate Journey

Orchestrated Employer-Communication

For most people, the path to a new job begins digitally. Our employer campaign therefore takes potential applicants on board digitally from the very first stage.

In a well-orchestrated and continuously optimized performance employer campaign, we start the journey in social media with visually striking posts in the right channels, such as LinkedIn, and direct them from there to the newly designed career page, which we link directly to Personio for more efficient HR work.