To an open future! In the coming years the Hamburg borough of Bergedorf is building a new lively centre and is investing in an open-minded community. The new KörberHaus welcomes people of all generations and cultures.

Nine partners, among others Hamburg’s “Bücherhallen”, Körber Foundation and the Lichtwark Theatre, are offering a diverse programme. We give this great future landmark a refreshed look and feel, which celebrates and reflects its diverse and open-minded community.

Körber-Stiftung und Bezirksamt Bergedorf
Corporate Branding
Brand Design (Identity, Signage),
Brand Experience (Print, Website)
KörberHaus architecture rendering

Corporate Design

We created a dynamic, open logo and corporate identity system for KörberHaus, inspired by the light and luminous architecture of the building, as well as the idea of a diverse society. This way location and design share the same paradigm.

KörberHaus landscape architecture
KörberHaus logo by design agency JUNO
KörberHaus corporate colours by design agency JUNO
KörberHaus shirt design by branding agency JUNO

Concise and to the point

For this project, we developed a specific typeface called “Koerberhaus-Font”. As with the visual language, it was very important to us to have a recognisable connection to architecture and its elements, such as the rhythmic facade and the play with transparencies. By emphasising the vertical and wide spacing, we kind of replicate the new building on a microscopic scale.

KörberHaus corporate font

A peek into the future

With our designed newspaper, that includes a lot of interesting information, KörberHaus is already growing in the minds and hearts of many.

KörberHaus newspaper overview
KörberHaus newspaper opened
KörberHaus newspaper cover
KörberHaus newspaper print detail
Zitat: Das Körberhaus wird ein Ort für alle sein, den sie Mitgestalten, an dem sich jeder Wohl fühlen kann und wo es etwas zu erleben gibt.
KörberHaus partners wall design