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Noventic Smart Heizen

Thanks to technology from noventic, everyone can now save on heating and better protect the climate. We show how it works.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, 31% of primary energy is required in Germany each year for space heating and hot water. This is even more than for transportation. The “heat change” for less energy consumption at home is therefore one of the biggest levers for climate protection.

The noventic group has now developed a technological solution together with the company tado, especially for apartment buildings. This enables landlords and residents to control and reduce consumption in a targeted manner. On the one hand, through more clarity and traceability in consumption. But also through more precise provision of energy and tips for targeted savings in heating. The apartment building becomes a climate-intelligent ecosystem with many new green tech applications – such as smart thermostats and apps that help reduce energy consumption and costs through tips and transparency.

Illustration of a multi-party house as a climate intelligent ecosystem

Through consulting, design, illustration, user interface design of the app as well as communication on landing pages, trade fair and social media, we show the possibilities of the new technology for everyone around smart heating. We are proud and super happy that we can contribute a little bit to the solution of this huge task through our work.

Website: noventic Smart Heizen