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Munken Creator

Arctic Paper launches the Munken Creator, a web-based application for creating font animations in an experimental way.

With “Raising Questions” and the Munken Sans font, the Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper invites creators to playfully develop and experiment with typographic design in the Munken Creator. The typographic artworks created aim to inspire people to think beyond the boundaries of how we communicate.

Magazine double page slept on grassy background

Questions are the answers of our time. When asked correctly, they open the senses to new challenges. Because good questions are messages of change. “Raising Questions” is an invitation to create visual messages using the newly developed Munken Creator Web-based animation application. Creators can then share them with a wide audience under the hashtag #munkencreator.

Cover and double page of the magazine
Double page of the magazine
Folder in detail

In 2020, Munken developed the font Munken Sans and shared it with the design community. Now new in 2022, Munken launches the Munken Creator, which is giving creators unimagined possibilities to develop and experiment with the font to create visually animated messages. These visuals can then be used for classic print or Web projects, with the animations directed or remixed in real time. Images and backgrounds can be combined with type editing in a nearly unlimited number of ways.

Person sits at a laptop and tries the Munken Creator. The content of the website is projected onto a wall.
Website: Munken Colab