How will we live, work and be mobile? How do we make the right decisions and do business in a more responsible way? With its extensive expertise in data and location technology, Ubilabs is helping to make the future more mobile, intelligent and sustainable. The company around the founders Michael Pletziger, Jens Wille and Martin Kleppe quickly became experts for interactive maps applications based on Google technology after its foundation in 2007. We accompany Ubilabs in a rebranding process lasting several months — helping to transform the brand from outstanding maps specialist to an internationally operating consultancy for data and location technology. As full-service agency, we dovetail all process phases into a coherent overall package, in which the strategy is reflected in the smallest detail and at the same time involving the Ubilabs employees in the process.

Consulting, Brand Strategy, Claiming, Brand Identity, Brand Design, Logo-Design, Branded Content, Animations, Website, Internal Presentations, Tone of Voice.

Digital solutions for the real world

With knowledge, understanding of technology and experience, Ubilabs expands the possibilities of companies like Wunder Mobility, Car2Go, ARD, Google and others in the areas of New Mobility, Sustainability, Smart Cities. We make the meta-themes of the Ubilabs brand — location, data, intelligence — tangible through a clear and digital visual language that is both human and sympathetic. To achieve that we play with surface structures and details as well as graphics with body and fresh colors.


Cockpit, library and brand bible — our digital brand platform helps to manage the new brand design more convenient. Always up-to-date and accessible from anywhere, it is a central tool for consistent handling of the brand and its design elements.