Branding the digital

Efficient, climate-friendly, connected and human needs oriented – with this idea six strong companies unite their expertise and become the noventic group. As a leading corporate brand, they want to drive the digital transformation of buildings forward and significantly shape the future of the industry through intelligent data platforms. We accompany the noventic group as a full-service agency in all phases of brand building and digital brand management.

noventic group
Brand launch
Consultation, naming, brand strategy, brand design, brand experience (UX/UI, print, brand spaces, events, social media, branded content, campaigning, animations, photo and film productions)
Noventic Logo by branding agency JUNO

Climate Smart

Intelligent visualisation of consumption data for more transparency and energy consumption awareness.

Noventic Cards App
Noventic Icons and Corporate Colors by branding agency JUNO

Augmented Reality

Efficient energy usage – we create an emotional and playful approach to this topic with augmented reality.

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Noventic Annual report Cover
Noventic Annual report Table of contents
Noventic Annual report
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Annual report
Jan-Christoph Maiwaldt
CEO Jan-Christoph Maiwaldt