Munken Works

Munken Works

A networked world. Generation smartphone. The digital age. So what use is paper these days? It shows people what they are missing when they are “always on”: A haptic experience, switching off, inspiration. In keeping with this we are developing a collection of design objects made of Munken natural paper, the paper of creatives. We are subsequently advertising the whole thing with a focus on designers in European agencies and publishing houses.

Arctic Paper
Omni Channel Campaign, Product Launch
Brand Innovation, Brand Design (Identity, Packaging), Brand Experience (Campaign, PR, Digital Media, Brand Space)
Munken Works Collection
Packaging by design agency JUNO

Brand Innovation

We are scanning the market. Researching trends and customer insights. Bundling internal knowledge. Out of this, we are developing a collection of innovative design products that are being sold as a limited edition from the Steidl publishing house under the name Munken Works.

Munken Works Collection
Munken Works Range

Munken Works Scholarship

Haptic work and the experience of paper in the digital age – it’s from this creative relationship that we are designing a multifaceted campaign together with artists, creatives and publishing houses. The focus of the campaign is grants, with which artists live and work in a specially created Munken Works studio. Supplementary measures include events, PR and social media. The result? The Munken brand on all channels.

Post Office
Munken Works Space
Munken Works Space
Edith Kollath
Sun Jung Hwang and Annemarie Van Den Berg
Sandra Kühne