Munken Cube

Munken Cube

Together with Arctic Paper and the furniture brand e15, we are devising and developing the Munken Cube – a combination of design object, work tool and concept furniture. It is made out of natural paper and wood. The payoff for choosing this special path is that the Munken Cube is quickly becoming well known and is winning multiple design awards, including the ADC Gold, iF Gold and the Interior Innovation Award.

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Munken Cube by branding agency JUNO
Munken Cube Logo by design agency JUNO

A talking cube

The Munken Cube is far from a classic product design. Rather, it is a communicative tool that aims to raise awareness of natural paper among creatives in Europe and to boost the familiarity of the Arctic Paper brand. Our unusual idea for designing a piece of furniture using paper has been very successful in communication terms: The Munken Cube was discussed on all channels, and liked and shared. The welcome side effect? It has been successful as a product in itself and is being sold worldwide.

Munken Cubes
Interview with Wolfgang Lübbert, Arctic Paper