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Arctic Volume Pump it up

An clear but iconic visual identity combined with creative and artistic campaigns - this is how we make the Arctic Volume paper brand known and popular with designers, discerning brand and corporate users.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Campaigning
Arctic Volume Logo
Arctic Volume Packaging Ream Paper
Arctic Volume Range

Campaign 2024

With the "HOPE" campaign, we present shining examples of positive change - 336 pages full of ideas, projects and inspiring role models from the fields of art, cuisine, photography, engineering and graphic design. A page-turner filled with optimism, in which we turn the tactile and visual qualities of paper into an experience.

mockup of a person holding the book hope
detail photo of cover with closeup of typography and blind embossing

Campaign 2022

The "Surface N°2" campaign is a homage to hyperrealism. It presents works by 15 international artists, including Wang & Söderström, Cody Cobb and Namsa Leuba. Reality and fantasy merge in the cityscapes, landscapes and scenic compositions, as well as in the portraits. With an elaborately programmed landing page, we create a kind of digital "page-turner" and therefore a media reference to the printed part of the campaign.

Surface Vol.2 magazine cover