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Attract top applicants with better digital employer branding.

The digital candidate journey in the application process is like a first date with a future employer. Top candidates can sense exactly whether it feels contemporary and digital. If it doesn't, they will drop out and not come back. With us, employer brands reach and attract their top applicants through a better digital candidate journey.


  • Strategy & Design

    Define the strengths of your employer brand and design it as a coherent overall presence across all stages of the candidate journey.

    Where do I stand today as an employer brand? Where do I want to go strategically? In comparison with the competition, we will find the most effective strategy for your strong employer brand.


    1. Evaluation
      Analysis and evaluation of the current situation. For example, through competitive analysis (benchmarking) and employee surveys.
    2. Positioning
      Definition of your employer value proposition and positioning of your employer brand in the market.
    3. Target group definition
      Research and creation of personas
    4. Strategy development
      Conception based on defined goals of basic idea, measures, channels, content planning, etc.
    5. Implementation, roll-out, experience
      Conception and design of campaigns, career site, social media content, key visuals, templates, internal communication, etc.
    6. Monitoring and adjustment
      Key figures, evaluation & reporting, adjustment of measures

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    Frank Wache

    »If you are looking for the best talent to shape the future of your company, you need to present yourself as a fresh employee brand.«
    Frank Wache, Partner & Brand Strategist

    +49 (0) 40 432 805 - 13
  • Career page

    Bring the talented people to you and turn them into applicants.

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    A career site has to do so many things right: Appeal to talent in a personable and personal way. Be informative. Inspire enthusiasm for the job and the brand's vision. And make it as easy as possible to get started. The careers page, which is increasingly accessed via mobile, remains the heart of an outstanding digital candidate journey.


    • Analysis of requirements
      Clarification of the task, expectations, requirements, project team, timing and budget framework
    • UX concept
      Content inventory, user journeys, click paths, sitemap, prototyping
    • Look & Feel
      Design style, tonality, user experience, alignment with corporate branding
    • Screendesign
      Layout, design of individual elements (modules, pages, templates, buttons, etc.)
    • Programming
      Frontend, backend, quality assurance, deployment
    • CMS Workshop
      Operation of the content management system (CMS)

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    Annika Gruca

    »Address the right target group and turn them into fans of your employer brand.«
    Annika Gruca, Head of Digital & Employer Brand Strategist

    +49 (0) 40 432 805 - 23
  • Digital Candidate Journey

    Design your applicants' digital journey - from initial interest to onboarding - as a consistent experience and as a reflection of your employer brand.

    It's the journey!

    As an employer brand, what experience do I want to create along my journey? How should the individual touchpoints interact to achieve this? In alignment with your strategy and the needs of applicants, we challenge your current digital candidate journey and optimize it.

    • How do I attract top applicants to my career page?
    • How do I address my target group digitally?
    • How do I make recruiting more transparent and perform better?

    Get the whitepaper

    In this white paper, we have listed our experiences from the last few years in the form of 10 tips. We describe how you can define benchmarks, narrow down goals and target groups, formulate your employer value proposition, involve employees and much more. The paper is the result of collaboration between experts from the disciplines of brand strategy, HR, data analytics, tech and UX design. We hope you enjoy reading it!

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    Annika Gruca

    »With a good digital candidate journey, you can attract top applicants to your career page.«
    Annika Gruca, Head of Digital & Employer Brand Strategist

    +49 (0) 40 432 805 - 23
  • Onboarding with »Handshake«

    Shine with a personalized digital tool before and after the interview.

    Hands typing on a laptop displaying a screen with text

    With our »Handshake« software solution, you have an advantage over other employer brands. The customizable tool simplifies and improves the entire job interview process. This takes the pressure off HR and ensures that your employer brand has the right image even before you get to know them. This is because applicants feel personally addressed and know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

    4 steps to your own employer branding tool »Handshake«