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Munken This is Munken

Munken is one of the very few – perhaps even the only brand – that has managed to become a well-known brand as a paper range in Europe. Whenever you mention the name »Munken« around people who are familiar with high-quality printed matter such as art catalogs, you look into joyful nodding faces. Now the Swedish brand with the monk is to become even more international. To this end, we are refreshing the brand image and promoting it with the »Colab« campaign.


  • Brand Design
  • Type Design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Website
  • Coding
Munken Logo
Munken Paper Still
Munken Poster Wall
Munken Handbook Cover
Munken Sans
Munken Sans Signage
On a large blue street sign is the question
Munken Rebranding Poster