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Kvadrat Storylines & Unscripted

“Storylines” imagines thread as the line, yarn as the syntax and textile as the story. The collection brings a narrator’s eye to these concepts by exploring intervals between texture, pattern and colour. Multidimensional materiality becomes the medium for storytelling, as surprising new narratives continuously emerge. We translate the unique concept of the collection into a visual storyline.


  • Brand Experience
  • Campaigning
Campaign motif of a bluish curtain. In the background a landscape with a lake and forest shines through.
Campaign motif of a bright curtain. In the background a yellow rape field shines through.
Keyvisuel depicting the white curtain
Double exposure of a green curtain and a room with table and chair. Photography for the campaign.
Double exposure of a brown curtain and a black kitchen counter. Photography for the campaign.
Red fabric sample is on lighter red background.
Smiling woman sits at a table and draws. Around her are hung different curtains in front of the windows. Photography for the campaign.
Photography by Robert Rieger

Unscripted by Sarah Illenberger

From her collection of scribbles that people create while trying out pens and pencils in art supply shops, the artist Sarah Illenberger has curated and recomposed test papers into a colourful artist edition of printed textile panels for Kvadrat. ⁠