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Sustainability communication

Moving people and empowering brands with convincing sustainability communication.

Sustainable and future-oriented economic is an opportunity for SMEs, not a burden. Those who align their business models sustainably for the future today will become more profitable, more attractive to the best employees, and enhance the value of their brand.

Professional communication of the company's own sustainability strategy is essential for this transformation. Convincing sustainability communication creates a common internal target image and inspires current and future employees for the future course.

It increases the appeal of one's own brand and its services in the market while helping to stand out from the competition. It reduces complexity, clarifies and translates figures and data into stories that fit the brand story.

Landing page sustainability strategy of the PropTech noventic

However, impressive sustainability communication means a lot of new things and a lot of additional work. Most SMEs do not currently have their own sustainability department; instead, this new area of responsibility is being added to the already busy marketing department. Or it is delegated to a responsibility that is often still being developed.

As a result, very few SMEs are able to communicate correctly, comprehensively and grippingly on their own. This is where we come in. As experienced brand builders and communications professionals, we are the perfect partner for SMEs that already have a sustainability strategy and now want to present their activities effectively both internally and externally.

Arctic Paper CSR Reports
CSR reporting for the Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper

Embedding sustainability in the company is a huge educational topic. Good communication helps to break down complexity and win people over to this topic of the future.

Susann Schubert, Director Corporate Social Responsibility, uvex group

In numerous projects for clients such as noventic group, Arctic Paper and HASPA, we have gained the skills and experience to provide SMEs with comprehensive support in their transformation through brand-oriented sustainability communication. Our range of services includes strategic brand consulting, internal communication, content creation and editing as well as digital and analog reporting.


Björn Lux

Partner, Creative Director

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Strong brands today also have to convince through their sustainability communication.