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For many companies, communicating their own sustainability strategy is a new challenge. Either the companies do not know exactly how to approach the task. Or they simply have too little to report. So what is the best way to deal with the situation?

The Hamburg-based noventic group is leading the way here. Its new landing page dedicated to the topic of sustainability provides visitors with a good overview of the corporate group's strategy using noventic solutions and measures as well as in the context of the noventic strategy, the UN sustainability goals and Germany's overall energy consumption.

The usefulness of using technology and transparency in the building sector quickly becomes clear. Almost one third of the total energy consumption in Germany (28.6 %) is generated by private households. The noventic group, pioneer for climate-intelligent real estate, ensures energy savings through more transparency in consumption. The networking of energy consumption and energy supply and the intelligent linking of building supply with regenerative energies saves additional energy. We conceptualise, design and develop the landing page and make it a visually exciting experience using animated graphics.