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Opening of the LichtwarkTheater: JUNO created the new corporate design for the new theatre at KörberHaus.

On 22 January 2023, the LichtwarkTheater will open its stage at the KörberHaus with an open house. The theatre itself looks back on almost 50 years of tradition; it is named after Alfred Lichtwark (1852-1914), who was the director of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. His central idea of increasing the access to art and culture to everyone plays an equally important role for the KörberHaus, a cultural centre that places open-minded togetherness for all people at the core of its work.

Inspired by the three-dimensional slats of the KörberHaus façade, the logo and corporate identity of the LichtwarkTheater are characterised by vistas and perspectives. The play with the irregular “shapes“ conveys a transparent connection between inside and outside, offers views of the stage, sparks curiosity and reduces fear of the unknown.

Poster wall for the Lichtwarktheater. The KörberHaus is in the background.