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Kvadrat Quotes

The new Kvadrat collection “Quotes”, created in collaboration with the artist Alain Biltereyst, is on display at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

“The moment I first saw Alain’s work, I was drawn to it and intrigued to explore the possibility of a collaboration. His simple, direct graphic language is a natural fit with our heritage of graphic expression and clear, refined design language” says Isa Glink, Creative Director of the Kvadrat Residential collections, describing her motivation for the collaboration.

Campaign photography of flying pink curtain in urban environment
Isa Glink and Alain Biltereyst framed by curtains
Isa Glink and Alain Biltereyst, photo by Matteo Girola

The “Untitled” pattern series by “Quotes” translates the iconic language of Belgian artist Alain Biltereyst into urban interpretations of flowing textiles. “I am fascinated by the visual language of the urban environment, the vivid functionality of commercial signage with typography, logos and graphics all seeking our attention. I can be blown away by a bright blue line on the side of a truck” Biltereyst says of his work, adding, “The discovery of the various weaving and printing techniques opened up a new world to me.”

Campaign photography of a bright room with a blue curtain in the foreground. In the background are more fabric samples and on the floor are pink lampshades.
Draped green fabric sample on concrete floor
Key visual of a flying yellow fabric in front of a metallic building facade
Key visual photography of a white, flying fabric over a street with zebra stripes.

The “Quotes” collection is on display at Salone del Mobile alongside with other new products in the Kvadrat showroom on Corso Monforte. JUNO stages the collection communicatively for all channels.