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HASPA Green Connect

As part of the Cross Innovation Lab, we are developing a service portal for HASPA that enables corporate customers to do business in a more climate-neutral way.

New climate tool for Haspa

With around 5,000 employees, HASPA (Hamburger Sparkasse) is the largest of the five Sparkassen in Germany and serves almost every second corporate customer in Hamburg. Thus, HASPA can exert a great influence on the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the help of the Cross Innovation Lab, HASPA wants to find new answers on how it can actively support its customers in climate protection. As a creative consulting team, Frank Wache, co-founder of JUNO, and designer Charlotte Ladiges accompanied HASPA around Mirco Otte, Sarah Teich and Jannik Gerwanski in the development of new solutions over a period of several weeks.

The team conducted interviews with managing directors of various companies, during which it became clear: Many companies want to operate in a more climate-neutral way, but do not know how to approach this complex topic. As a possible solution, the team developed the digital prototype “HASPA Green Connect”. The aim is to determine the actual climate balance of companies. In a subsequent consultation, concrete measures are then shown and certified companies from the HASPA network are presented as solution partners.

By working together with the creatives, it was possible for us to open up our solution space and to question the approaches again and again and to look at and concretize them with a “view from the outside”.

Mirco Otte, Product Manager, Hamburger Sparkasse AG
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