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Hamburger Kunsthalle

Dive deeper into art and enjoy the treasures of the Hamburger Kunsthalle even more - in exchange with art historians, artists, and art educators.

The Ulm Stool redesigned as a Toobox for the Kunsthalle Hamburg

Almost 400,000 visitors come to the Hamburger Kunsthalle every year and are inspired by works of art covering 700 years of art history. From Cranach to Caspar David. From Picasso to Polke. But the Kunsthalle does not only want to display art. But it also wants to offer visitors their own access. For years the Department of "Education and Mediation" has been promoting the exchange between art historians, artists, art mediators, and art lovers. Thanks to our branding, this offer of the Kunsthalle is now even more distinctly marked and can play out various themes from the world of art and design in a more charming and varied way in its communication. Our first tool: a museum suitcase, in the form of the Ulmer Stool in its original function - as a toolbox AND as a seat.