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Cardioscan Viocoach-App

Optimally coordinate life, nutrition and training. With the new digital application from cardioscan.

What makes a good coach? He or she knows exactly where I’ve got to right now and shows me how to move on. This is the idea which has inspired the Hamburg-based company cardioscan to create a digital ecosystem designed to produce the perfect training routine. By measuring their own body data and using the vicoach digital trainer on their own smartphone, anybody can now optimally coordinate their life and training.

This not only improves training success, it also encourages users to adopt a consciously healthy lifestyle. You become the coach for your own fitness lifestyle. We have given the vicoach app a high-tech, high-quality look in keeping with the parent brand, which will appeal to anyone who enjoys standalone design combined with the latest digital technology and user friendliness. As well as the vicoach we have also redesigned the branding for the entire cardioscan ecosystem. Users now experience a coherent world of physical and digital services, training and tips.