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Arctic Volume Surface N°3 HOPE

Positive change is the task of our time. With HOPE, we present 336 pages full of shining examples and inspiring role models from the fields of art, cuisine, photography, engineering and graphic design.

HOPE is the third issue within the surface series for Arctic Paper and shows ideas by innovators including:

Anders Lendager: The Danish architect is pioneering the upcycling of construction waste by transforming it into building materials. His studio shows how consistently prioritising sustainability throughout the design and realisation process leads to attractive, cost-effective buildings.

Stephen Burks: The industrial designer from Chicago takes an innovative approach to design which blends craft with community and industry. He has worked with artisans on six continents.

The New Raw: Since 2015, Rotterdam-based architects Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki have been working on ways of transforming plastic waste into meaningful and aesthetically appealing products which are 100% circular.

Michał Korkosz: The Polish celebrity chef has a column in ‘Vogue’ and uses his homeland’s flavours and ingredients to show how varied, delicious and healthy vegetarian food is.

XULY.Bët: Lamine Kouyaté is the founding father of conscious fashion. Back in the 90s, the designer rose to fame in the Paris fashion scene when he developed new collections made from Westerners’ throwaway garments.

Photography by Caroline Tompkins

The book also includes large photo features presenting sensitively designed wind turbines from a project by students at ECAL in Lausanne, Paper House by Thomas Demand and Caruso St John, Liljewall’s stunning education architecture in Sweden, vegan Michelin-starred chef Zizi Hattab and the fashion label Martan, which makes clothing out of hotels’ waste textiles. Jewellery designer Alec Doherty, painter Logan T. Sibrel and photographer Laurence Kubski all examine different aspects of diversity. Last but not least, ‘Hope’ considers what impact AI will have on design, and the Curator’s Pick presents extraordinary products that take an original approach to the need for consumers to prioritise sustainability. 

Photography by Ismael Moumin