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We design the key visual for the ZKM exhibition “Hacking Identity – Dancing Diversity” in Esch-Belval, Luxembourg, the European Capital of Culture 2022.

Billboard Anzeige mit einem Plakat des ZKMs an einer Fabrikwand

From the end of February 2022, the ZKM – Centre for Art and Media – will be showing the exhibition “Hacking Identity – Dancing Diversity” with numerous international artists. For this, the former Möllerei in Esch-Belval, Luxembourg, will be transformed into an exhibition venue full of new beginnings, change and inspiration. Esch-Belval is this year’s European Capital of Culture and is dedicated to the overarching theme of “Transformation” in numerous exhibitions and events. In keeping with the title of the exhibition, we hacked the existing exhibition design and gave it our own twist with our “identity dancers”.

Billboard-Mockup mit ZKM-Plakat zu der Ausstellung »Hacking Identity, Dancing Diversity.«

With this exhibition, the ZKM wants to make identity change tangible. Where once metal-bearing rock mixtures were transported via conveyor belts, rails and a gigantic ramp, digitally generated film images now spread out weightlessly. Where clouds of fine rock dust swirled up, sound waves of electronic music diffuse into the space. The exhibition “Hacking Identity – Dancing Diversity” presents media art and juxtaposes heavy industry with information technology.

Ethnic, social and gender identities are renegotiated. In the process, the many-voiced interests also narrow into lines of confrontation in terms of identity politics. The artists in the exhibition intervene in the debates on identity and diversity by using hacking strategies in formally very different ways. “Hacking is understood as the experimental and creative overcoming of system constraints, of the power to define and of cultural conventions”, is how Anett Holzheid, the curator of the exhibition, describes her concept.

Poster an Fabrik-Fassade »Hacking identity, dancing diversity.«
Billboard-Mockup für das Plakat »Hacking identity, dancing diversity.«

With works by: Kateryna Borovschi (ES), Ludger Brümmer (DE), Saddie Choua (BE), Nadim Choufi (LB), Danica Dakić (DE), Margret Eicher (DE), Thomas Feuerstein (AT), Chiara Fumai (IT), Christoph Girardet (DE) & Matthias Müller (DE), Daniel Heiss (DE), Hanna Haaslahti (FI), Délio Jasse (IT), Marc Lee (CH), Marie-Luce Nadal (FR), onformative (DE), Dennis Oppenheim (US), Wong Ping (HK), Jonathan Rescigno (FR/DE), rosalie (DE), Lázaro Saavedra (CU), Tristan Schulze (DE), Christa Sommerer (AT) & Laurent Mignonneau (AT), Lu Yang (CN), Virgil Widrich (AT)

Website: ZKM exhibition