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Kvadrat Multiply

Launch of the new Kvadrat Residential collection “Multiply”. The collection integrates “Sketches”, a series of curtains by French designer Inga Sempé. We stage the collection across all channels.

Campaign photography of a fabric sample from the Multiply collection with drawings by Inga Sempé

Multiply is the result of extensive research into the expression of interwoven yarns. The collection brings a soft, unifying perspective to the multifaceted relationship between yarn, craft and perception.

Isa Glink, Creative Director, Kvadrat

It all starts with the yarn. The collection explores fibres, materials, volumes and colours through visionary manipulations of yarn dyeing, spinning and folding techniques. The sensuous twists that characterise “Multiply” infuse each design with refined multidimensionality.

The collection integrates “Sketches”, a series of curtains by designer Inga Sempé, which translates two-dimensional compositions into rich, three-dimensional materiality.

I have always liked subtle changes in normal systems. As I walk through the streets of Paris, I look for tiny changes that turn what looks normal into something lively. Like variations in walls or windows, I wanted to insert these subtle shifts into the most classical patterns and weavings. I aimed to define them in light and different ways, playing with the threads themselves.

Inga Sempé, Designer
Isa Glink and Inga Sempé in the kvadrat rooms, surrounded by hangersheets and fabric samples
Isa Glink and Inga Sempé