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HGDF – New Corporate Design

Since 1738, the Flensburg family holding company HGDF has been successfully renewing itself. We give the traditional brand the appropriate appearance for the future.

HGDF has refocused itself and its numerous activities. The traditional family holding company from the Flensburg Fjord is expanding its international commitment, strengthening its M&A activities and investing in start-ups. We give this strategy a voice and make the HGDF brand fit for the future.

In a branding process that lasted several months, we advised HGDF and translated the company's strategic orientation into a strong brand with a corresponding presence. A particular challenge here was to ensure that the values of the family holding company, which had been practised since 1738, were clearly recognisable in the new appearance and to bring them in line with the digital future.

We created a brand design that reflects the heritage of the HGDF brand in a self-confident and clearly North German fashion. At the same time, we place the entrepreneurial individual at the centre of our design, who successfully shapes tomorrow in an interplay of freedom, partnership and visions. HGDF's holdings include the Flensburg brewery and the pharmaceutical company Queisser, which manufactures, among other things, the products for the popular brand Doppelherz. In total, over 2500 people work in these companies where HGDF has a stake, and together they generate over one billion euros in turnover per year.

In addition to brand consulting and branding, our services also include a versatile website that portrays the people at HGDF and its subsidiaries in a personable and informative way.