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The Berliner Medizinhistorische Museum der Charité reopens after a three-year renovation phase on June 16, 2023. We accompany the brand strategy and give the museum a contemporary identity.

With over 100,000 visitors per year, the BMM is the largest and most renowned university medical museum in Germany, with a European and global reputation. Founded by Rudolf Virchow in 1899, the museum showcases medical history spanning over 300 years with impressive and thought-provoking exhibits.

The new logo is a tribute to the museum’s distinctive architecture located on the premises of the Charité. It is the only collection of its kind with its own specifically designed building. Therefore, the logo abstracts the iconic window display cases on the building’s facade, while also conveying the overarching themes of transparency and immersion.

The new website also encourages visitors to delve into the depths of medical history. We design the website with the aim of creating a neutral and transparent platform that sparks curiosity about the collection’s objects, promotes discourse, and dispels any apprehensions. We reflect the museum’s light-filled architecture and presentation of the collection through large white spaces, on which the specimens appear to be floating.

BMM Billboard
Mobile screen design of the website
Website: BMM