Windstärke 10

The new Shipwreck and Fishery Museum in Cuxhaven needed a suitable brand identity. Inspired by its location on the North Sea and its name “Windstärke 10” (meaning “wind force 10”), we developed a flexible brand identity that plays with the formative strength of the wind as a basic idea.

Cuxhaven Shipwreck and Fishery Museum
Corporate Branding
Brand Design (Identity, Signage) Brand Experience (Print, Website)
Moodboard by branding agency JUNO
Moodboard by design agency JUNO
Guidance system


To create Windstärke 10, two former fish-packing halls from the 1930s were converted. Our orientation system steers visitors confidently around the 4,000 m² exhibition space.

Logo by branding agency JUNO

Brand Design

The wind as nature’s greatest sculptor – this is an idea that we carried through all the elements of the brand identity. Particularly on the internet: The new identity on the museum’s website changes depending on the wind force that particular day.

Logo system
Colour system by branding agency JUNO
Icons by design agency JUNO
Poster by branding agency JUNO
Flyer by design agency JUNO