Four wins

Many print shops are still affected by the financial crisis. In addition, there are fewer jobs overall, high investment costs, technological change through digitisation, and increasingly individual customer requirements. Those who don't position themselves clearly now and become a true service company will disappear at some point. Four individual players from the industry understand this. Get together. Complementing their skills. And thus offer complete print and media solutions for a demanding niche market as recognisable "big players". Our job: In a moderated process lasting several months, the four partners form a strong "printarena" brand - strategically, creatively and communicatively.


Putting a face to the strategy

Offering services under a collective brand umbrella while remaining in the market as a single player - is that possible? We organise printarena and its members within a clear brand architecture and give this strategy the appropriate look.


Oans, zwoa, drei, fiare (Bavarian for one, two, three, four)

Nobody knows the new umbrella brand printarena yet. So the legendary Oktoberfest held by the Hamburg-based print specialists comes just in time. Cheers printarena!