The right candidates

Finding good employees AND keeping them on board - in times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is also becoming more difficult for Hamburg's 15,500 or so skilled crafts businesses to find the "right people". In addition, small and medium-sized companies often lack the knowledge and time for successful personnel management. Lüüd, the first personnel consultancy specifically for Hamburg's craftsmen, wants to help here.

brand strategy workshop
brand strategy workshop

Personnel consulting specifically for the trade sector

Approximately 130,000 craftsmen work in Hamburg - from solar technicians to hairdressers. How can they be quickly and effectively introduced to the latest consulting services? In a strategic process, we support the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts with consulting, naming, design and communication to successfully place the services offered by Lüüd (Low German for "people") on the market as a new service brand.



Personnel consulting on eye level with the trade requires the right tonality. Even visually. Based on this idea, we developed the strong word mark Lüüd.

Logo by design agency JUNO

Communication strategy

Getting the right messages to the right people at the right time through the right channels - in this case a unique challenge, as there are many small and medium-sized craft businesses to reach.

graphics by branding agency JUNO
letterhead, business cards by design agency JUNO