Storylines_ by kvadrat

Storylines explores the connections between texture, pattern and colour. The collection presents thread and yarn as line and syntax - textile becomes story. It includes plains, textures and designs in a range of densities densities - from translucent to opaque. From voluminous spun, to textured, to fine metallic threads. Cut, shrunk, softly washed or colourfully printed - the interplay of yarns lends the fabrics a graphic and tactile graphic and tactile dimensions to the fabrics.

Storylines' materials and compositions are made purely from natural fibres or from synthetic fibres. Pure linen, combed virgin wool and organic cotton emphasise their natural materiality. Flame retardant synthetic fibres are woven to woven to resemble the character of flax.The colour palette of Storylines refers to daylight. It ranges from neutral tones to pastel shades to saturated colours and dark, almost black accents. We translate the new collection sensitively into communication for all kvadrat channels and sales activities.

Services: Creative concept, photo production, film production, social media, brochures.