Arctic Volume Surface edition

Re-Branding and Surface N° 2

Surface N° 2 is the second issue in which the paper brand Arctic Volume presents international artists and their work - this time under the umbrella of hyperrealism. The 15 artists featured - including Wang & Söderström, Cody Cobb and Namsa Leuba - show images in which reality and fantasy merge, boundaries dissolve and irritating perspectives are exposed. On view are cityscapes, landscapes, and scenic compositions, as well as portraits of animals and people.

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Name of the artists in the edition

For the launch of Surface N° 2, we redesigned the Arctic Volume brand design – which positions the paper range even more as an independent brand in the Arctic Paper brand portfolio. The new look is a symbol of Arctic Volume’s characteristics – including a modern and contemporary spirit, true precision and high-end professionalism.

New Arctic Volume Logo

Services: Re-branding, campaign concept, film production, concept print edition, microsite, PR, social media.