Our version of the Ulmer Hocker exhibited

The so-called Ulmer Hocker by Max Bill is a design icon and one of the Swiss designer's best-known product design works to this day. Bill designed it in 1954 in collaboration with Hans Gugelot and Paul Hildinger at the University School of Design (HFG) in Ulm. In its exhibition "The Ulm Stool: Idea - Icon - Idol", the HFG Archive takes a comprehensive look at the origin and use of the stool as furniture and design object. In the process, today's use of the Ulmer Hocker all over the world will also be on display as exhibits.

We are very happy that our "Spielehocker" is also included and will be exhibited in Ulm. We developed the "Spielehocker" for the Hamburg Kunsthalle. With its help, families can playfully explore the treasures of the Kunsthalle and important stages of art history in eight stations. We filled it with toys and turned the distinctive wooden stick into a handle. Our playful inversion - from squatting to carrying - can now be seen alongside numerous other objects in the HFG archive.

Exhibition "The Ulm Stool: Idea ─ Icon ─ Idol", 8 October 2021 to 27 February 2022.

Am Hochsträß 8
89081 Ulm