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Arctic Paper Togetherness

For Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper we have created a publication that doubles as a B2B sales tool. “Togetherness” is a magazine that celebrates the transformation in creative processes that arises when two people work together.

Collaboration is key

The days of great geniuses in the arts seem to be fading away. Teams and collectives, collaboration and togetherness determine the artistic process today. Open and democratic communication is the basis of this kind of teamwork. This homage to togetherness in the creative field is also reflected in the material of this publication. Two brands of paper in several variations work together in harmony to demonstrate the multiple possibilities of rendering artistic projects on paper: Munken and Arctic Volume.

Transforming the creative process together

The magazine features the stories of five couples from the disciplines of art, design, illustration, architecture, and photography. Most of them not only work but live together in private partnerships, striking a balance between interesting contrasts and harmonious understanding while nurturing their creative collaboration. Just like using different shades, grammages and qualities of paper elevate the individual pages and the project itself. The publication consists of a folder holding a magazine and six paper samples including all four shades of Munken (Pure, Lynx, Polar and Kristall) and both shades of Arctic Volume (Ice and White). While the paper samples serve as classic overview on a visual and haptic level, the use and combination of different papers for the cover and throughout the magazine exemplifies the synergy created when using the Munken and Arctic Volume Paper range together rather than alone.

Featured creatives:

Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth, whose joint work focuses on intensively and humourously looking for new ways to bring digitally civilised people back into contact with nature.

Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach have been developing surprising relationships between colors with their office Raw Color in Eindhoven for 15 years, resulting in products and works of art to fall in love with.

The illustrator Tamara Shopsin and her husband, the photographer and publisher Jason Fulford, seduce young and old people with funny connections between image and graphic and create unusual perspectives on complex topics in magazines.

Maruska and Donna-Marie Mason try in their pictures to change the individualism in the fashion industry, which only strives for perfection, by focusing on the beauty of the skin and the depiction of the togetherness of couples.

The Mexican architectural and design office Pedro & Juana, founded by Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo and Mecky Reuss, works as a non-hierarchical team on projects that combine the forms of abstract modernity with the diverse beauty of flora and fauna.